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Development trend of optical lens in the field of myopia

2017/4/27      view:

        Myopia is a very troublesome thing, wearing glasses, it is not convenient, time will cause the eye to highlight. Wear it, the cost is high and there are health problems. Do you fear that the risk of operation, and the possibility of a recurrence of laser operation. Now, there is a new way to get myopia patients out of these problems.        

        Ocumetics technology companies from Canada, which has little scientific and technological industry of the country, simply, they are a company committed to the eradication of the glasses and contact lenses, the company also do not know where to come so much hatred. Their founder, Webb Garth, invented a new crystal device, which can not only eliminate the myopia, but also allows you to have the vision beyond the normal person.

        This little thing known as the Ocumetics optical lens has spent 3000000 years in Webb Garth and his team for eight years. Lens like a button, introduced in the Ocumetics's official website, the user needs to like doing cataract surgery as installed this lens, cataract and difference is, you not only need to remove natural crystal, also need to the folded up like a taco, burrito) by injection of saline into the eye, crystals will automatically expand and cover the eye. It is said that the whole operation process as long as eight minutes, without anesthesia and without hospitalization.

        Ocumetics bionic optical lens has many advantages, the first it can make you have a normal person two to three times the vision. Remember bravestarr? Basically this is called an eagle's eye.

        Second, it can eliminate this disease of cataract. Just like the tonsil and cecum, natural crystals are removed, there is no chance of inflammation. Third, it is better than the traditional laser correction of vision to be safe, do not need to burn your cornea, it will not be as the event's vision slowly back to the past.According to Webb Garth, in April, he has introduced this product to 14 doctors in the Department of Ophthalmology, and has left a deep impression on them, and has already been willing to use this product in clinical trials. First of all, it will be tested on animals, and then wait for the approval of various organizations, then you can use the first part of the blind person. The first product is expected to be available in 2017.