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After the national glass industry entered a stable development trend

2017/4/27      view:
            The first trading day after the holiday, commodity markets as a whole atmosphere warmer, optical glass main in the transaction volume with a rebound and return to the 5 day moving average, preganglionic continued to decline trend temporarily curb.

            Spot, the holiday market operation of the overall remained stable, North China market in Shahe factory base price increases driven by rose slightly, "silver ten" start good atmosphere. It is reported this month Jiangsu farun continue to shut down part of the device, the supply side pressures will continue to slow, in the short term is expected to support the market price in East China.

            Overall, the short-term impact of the national day long optical glass market is not obvious, but taking into account the upcoming northern off-season, a strong pattern of the medium-term is difficult to continue, it is recommended to maintain caution. Operation on the proposed short-term or short-term on the main.